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How to Implement the Padlock Pro Feature

This module allows app owners to lock pages or group of pages based on different user roles. Padlock Pro differs from the Padlock Feature by offering multiple user roles and assigning feature access by role.

Note: The standard Padlock only provides access to selected items by user account and all enabled users get same access level.

As a best practice, it’s recommended to use either Padlock or Padlock Pro but not both in the same app. If you need to allow different access levels controlled by user roles, use Padlock Pro for all access control in the app.


  • Protect / Lock single/multiple menus/features
  • Assign a Single page or Multiple page to a User
  • Enterprise level access for each departments etc.
  • User can select role on signup using Custom Profile Feature integration

Consider the Use Case for an App designed for a K-12 School

Let’s assume that a typical school might require 3 distinct user roles.

  • Students
  • Teachers
  • Parents

  1. Create a Role for each type of user by creating a Folder and Assigning Feature/Pages you want them to access.
  2. Then assign each User a Role in Login Redirect ( Padlock Pro ) Back-end Admin view — that’s it.

When users log into the app using Login Redirect menu they will be automatically redirected to Folder/Role assigned to them.

Deactivate the Folders/Roles menus from back-end to prevent unregistered guest users (or not logged in) from accessing protected data.


July 2020 – Login redirect & Expiry Date option added

Oct 2019 –  Allows adding multiple Features to any user

May 2017 – Super Admin support added to allow designated user to access locked pages

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