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List Check-in

List Check-in allows businesses and venues to have a detailed report of all people in attendance within a specific time frame.

The List Check-in feature offers a simple setup and configuration while providing an efficient system for counting and tracking customers, students, or attendees for many use cases from large events, exhibit halls, entertainment & educational venues, restaurants, bars, clubs, and more.

A typical use case allows customers and attendees to login to use the List Check-in feature within the app to check-in or check-out by scanning a QR code to allow the business venue to track the number of guests for capacity management of the venue. In the case of events, it can be used to track attendance at classes, training, keynotes, and exhibit hall interactions, for engagement & followup. It can also be used in conjunction with other Event Management tools, including our Event Feature, to track micro-events within the context of a larger paid event, allowing event planners and exhibitors to record interactions and engagement for future planning and sales followup.

List Check-in can also help businesses meet the international security provisions for COVID-19 (Track-N-Trace) by providing a time-stamped customer list to the heath authorities when required by law.

The List Check-in feature can be configured with just a few simple steps.

Changelog – Coming Soon: Admin will be able to configure Check-in (only) without a Check-out requirement. (This enhancement will streamline app management when capacity and duration management are not required or when check-out management isn’t feasible)

Changelog 1.3
– With member count and Location manager login in mobile for view customers.

Changelog 1.2
– Web check using mobile camera now supported – Display total members available in Venue/Shop with Shop list
– Apply filter by disco/shop in reports
– Export and download report to XLS with phone number and personal ID
– Add personal id fields at check-in

Note: Admin must create a new QR code for every shop, and delete old QR code

Changelog 1.0
Front End (Mobile App)
– Login with QR code scan at the entrance of the venue or shop
– The user first registers in the application, and then at the entrance, user scans the QR CODE to check-in
– Once the app user has entered venue (check-in), they cannot check-out until scanning the QR CODE positioned at the exit of the room which can be scanned only if logged into the Mobile App.

Editor (Administration)
-The administrator manages the QR CODE for their venue or shop
-The administrator displays all check-ins and check-outs in real time

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