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How to Publish a Progressive Web App (PWA)

Progressive Web Apps, better known as PWAs, are designed to be quick to deploy and always up to date. They are built with the same development tools as our native mobile apps to simplify app development on multiple platforms simultaneously. Once the app is completed or even after a few features have been added, a PWA can be created.

There are only a few steps required to create a PWA from an existing app on the Apptekz Mobile App Platform.

  • Step 1: Create a Firebase Cloud Messaging Project *
    • (one-time configuration for all reseller PWAs)
  • Step 2: Fill out our PWA request form
    • The form will collect the app name, ID, splash screen color scheme, icon, SEO info, and your FCM details for push notifications.
    • Custom CNAME to map to PWA can also be added if desired
      • CNAME must be properly configured prior to form submission
  • Step 3: Apptekz will process the form, publish the PWA, and map to the custom CNAME. (A notification will be sent upon completion)

PWA creation requires a one-time configuration of Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM). All PWAs can use the same FCM details, no need to create a new configuration for each PWA. (Apptekz now does this for you)

Here’s how to configure FCM for your PWAs. https://apptekz.com/fcm-config-for-pwa/ * This is step is no longer required

Once your app is started in the Apptekz Mobile App Editor, just fill out a simple form and Apptekz will do the rest. Here’s the PWA request form. When we’re finished on our end, we’ll send out the PWA information we have published for your mobile app and you’re ready to go. The PWA will be live and ready use or share with others.

The best part about this simple process is that we can create PWAs for you while you’re still developing the app. This makes it easy to test and get feedback from your customers because it’s available immediately so you can share it as soon as you have something to present to them. Even if you plan to publish on the App Stores, PWAs offer immediate access to an app that can be used as soon as app development is completed.

We have additional information available regarding PWA features, benefits, and how to use them to drive more customer engagement. Check out our knowledge base for the latest articles.

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