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Google Maps License Process


Our platform allows for the integration of your own Google Maps License. The Google Maps License allows you to utilize map data for location-based features in your mobile applications. You must obtain a license from Google to use those features.

Some of the features that utilize map data:

  • Booking
  • Commerce
  • Contact ​
  • Maps
  • Places
  • Social Wall

If any of the Apps or PWAs under your account are getting a lot of usage and warrant their own API key ($200/month credit), you can simply create a new Google Maps License for those individual apps or for a custom domain and enter it under the settings page for that app inside the editor. Please refer to the steps below:

Create a Google Maps Javascript API key

To create your Google Maps API keys:

Go to https://developers.google.com/maps/documentation/javascript

Then click on  on the upper right.

Select the 3 options:

Then select “Create a new project”:

Name your project and click on next.

Create a billing account if you don’t have one (this is mandatory):

The account is automatically set to the free trial $300 limit:

Once you have filled the billing form, hit the “start my free trial button”, enable your api key:

Copy your API key and go to the API console to set the restrictions:

Go to the API restrictions tab:

Select the following APIs:

Save and you’re all set!

Now you just have to copy and paste your API key in your editor in Settings > APIs: 

(this one is used by the app):

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is screenshot-cms.apptekz.com-2020.02.04-19_10_09-1024x500.png

For CMS / Backoffice Administrators & Developers

— in your Back Office in Settings > APIs

(this one is used by the editor and backoffice):

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