How to find the CSS class of an Element in your Mobile App

Customize your Mobile App’s design with CSS

CSS allows you to customize the look and feel so that each design is unique

This video shows how to find the CSS class of an element using the mobile app previewer and browser inspector

Video coming soon…

  • From a Chrome based Web Browser, launch the Apptekz Mobile App Builder.
  • From the Dashboard, choose the Mobile App to obtain the CSS elements
  • Right click on the element and choose inspect.
  • Click on the + to create a new style rule for this element.
  • Add your properties to modify and test changes to the CSS to make the desired changes.
  • Copy and paste the code that you’ve created into the ADVANCED CUSTOMIZATION CSS / SCSS section of the Color tab for Mobile App to be customized.
  • Make Comments in your CSS / SCSS code to identify the changes made by the code. Documenting code makes it easier to change or re-purpose.

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