How to Publish a Mobile App on the app stores

Apptekz provides a publishing service as well as the ability for resellers and small businesses to publish their own apps on the app stores for both iOS and Android. We also offer free PWA publishing for all app owners and resellers.

This article will address the steps required by resellers to submit a mobile to be published on the App stores. PWAs have a different process and covered in a separate article.

Publishing iOS apps

We offer 2 methods to publish iOS apps. The first method is automated and is the easiest method but is only available for businesses that have a developer account associated with their DUNS number. The second publishing method is a manual process.

If you have never published an app on the Apple Play Store, we recommend using the automated process which is available to resellers for no additional cost. If your particular app doesn’t support the automated process, we can publish the app for you on a one-off basis for a nominal fee, or you can publish yourself for no additional cost.

Note: Apple Guidelines now require that all apps published to the Apple Play Store are published in a developer account owned by the business for which the app is created. A DUNS number is recommended for all business developer accounts and is required for our free automated publishing service.

Requirements for using the Apptekz Automated iOS publishing service are as follows:

  1. The business for which the app is being published, must have an Apple Developer account setup in the name of the business with a DUNS number.
  2. Apptekz must be added as an Admin on the Developer account.
  3. All preliminary preparation must be completed for the app
  4. The App must must not be in violation of any Apple Guidelines.
  5. Apps must be ready to publish as rejections may require that re-submissions are done manually. (refer to manual process below)

Manual Publishing of iOS apps to the Apple Play Store

As stated earlier, this is a manual process and requires some technical steps in addition to following the steps outlined by Apple. This method can be used for any iOS apps but is required for apps that must be published by individual customers and businesses that don’t have a DUNS number associated with their Apple Developer Account.

To manually publish an iOS app, you must have access to a Mac computer running a supported version of Xcode.

We will perform the manual publishing of iOS apps for you for a nominal fee of $59 per app or per app update. If your app is rejected based on incomplete info, violations of Apple Guidelines, or rejected based on design or content, we will charge an additional re-submission fee of $59 per attempt after the steps have been taken to make the app compliant with apple guidelines.

If you would prefer to do it yourself, the steps will be provided by opening a support ticket and requesting the latest steps for manual publishing of iOS apps.

Here’s the link to the iOS manual publishing document. < TBD >

How to Publish an Android App on the Google Play Store

When the app is ready to publish and all preliminary work is complete, you may either request that we generate an APK file for your Android app or if you account is authorized, you may generate the APK yourself. If your account isn’t enabled for APK source code generation, please open a support ticket to request access to the APK generator or ask us to generate an APK for your app.

Publishing Android apps is a manual process but most resellers typically have no issues performing these steps on their own. However, we can do this on your behalf for a nominal fee of $59 per app or per app update for those that would prefer to have it done for them. As with iOS apps, rejections caused by any violations of guidelines or written policies will incur additional publishing fees.

If you would like to have us publish your app, please submit a support ticket with your request.

Once you have the APK, you will need to follow the steps below:

  1. Make sure that you have a Google Developer Account
    • You can publish in your own developer account or in an account owned by your customer.
  2. Be sure that you have completed all of the steps to make the app ready to publish.

How to Publish a PWA ( Progressive Web App )

While publishing a PWA is beyond the scope of this article, here’s the link to our PWA publication article.

This article is still in progress. Please check back for more info or open a support case to get more information on how to publish your apps.