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How to Implement the Easy Appointments Feature

Note: This feature has been replaced by the Appointment Pro Feature . All users should upgrade and republish their apps upon completion

The Easy Appointments feature is a powerful native app feature that allows App owners to take appointments using the App or through widget on their website.

This feature can be linked to a Progressive Loyalty Card to enable clients to automatically accumulate loyalty points on any linked services defined in the mobile app.

Additionally, through a web front-end interface, the app admin or business owner can add appointments to the calendar for walk-in or phone customer requests.

This feature can be easily upgraded for an additional setup/monthly fee to provide advanced functionality that includes accepting payments, calendar synchronization, and additional support for multiple service providers.

The premium feature upgrade is ideal for many different types of businesses and professionals such as Barber Shops, Hair Salons, Nail Salons, Spas, Medical and Dental offices, Veterinary Clinics, Attorneys, Realtors, Contractors, etc. Any professional that books or sells services in time-slots can benefit from having the Easy Appointments feature enabled in a branded Mobile App. No more losing business when the reception area is crowded and not able to provide timely service to clients.

The Easy Appointments Premium upgrade extends the functionality of this feature to add support for booking classes & workshops. Our integrated Enterprise Payments feature enables business professionals to accept partial or full payments for scheduled appointments within the mobile app.

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