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Affordable Mobile Apps for Small Business

Affordable Mobile Apps for Small Business!

Does your website look good on a mobile phone?

Does your business have a mobile app or mobile optimized website?

Do your business have an active presence on social media?

Are you showing up in the top 3 businesses in local searches? (ex: “pizza near me” or “pizza <yourcity >”)

Would you like to stay engaged with your customers between visits?

Would you like an easy way to keep your customers informed of your specials and promotions?

Would you like to increase customer visits and build customer loyalty?

Do you want to be able to easily send messages directly to your customers?

Do you offer special promotions that you would like to share with your customers?

Does your business use any type of loyalty card to track customer visits or give our rewards?

Would you like your customers to leave more positive reviews?

Would you like to cut or eliminate your advertising budget while targeting more people that are likely to spend money in your business?

If you want to change the answer to any of the questions above, let us show you how to get started!

Contact Apptekz for a free strategy session on how to mobilize your business.


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