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Kiosk App
$999 Development Fee
Progressive Mobile App
iOS, Android, Desktop
Unlimited Installs
Custom Forms
Unlimited Data Capture
CRM and/or Autoresponder integration (Eliminates manual data entry)
Great for Open House, Event Registration, Collecting or Presenting Information
Display Static Information
Unlimited Free Updates*
Free Priority Support
Business App
$1999 Development Fee
Progressive Mobile App
iOS, Android, Desktop
Unlimited Push Notifications
Unlimited Installs
Social Media Integration
Customer Loyalty Program
Coupons & Promotions
Online Ordering
Shopping Cart
Reputation Management Feature
Get More Positive Reviews
Book Appointments & Reservations
Unlimited Free Updates*
Free Priority Support
Print Ready Marketing Materials

2 Months Free w/paid Annual Subscription!

Apptekz mobile apps are custom designed and branded to your business, organization, or group and developed for all modern mobile devices running Android, iOS, or Windows. Your mobile app will be available for unlimited downloads, sharing and installation. Our modern design methods, no longer requires publishing on any App Stores. All of our mobile apps are eligible for updates and support by Apptekz to all clients with a current maintenance subscription. 

Mobile apps may be updated from time to time to introduce new functionality, to stay consistent with client and customer needs or to provide support to new devices and mobile operating system updates. Continued support and maintenance ensures a smooth running mobile app solution for all businesses and their customers as they upgrade their mobile devices and allows businesses to keep engaged with customers in new and innovative ways.

All graphics and logos to be used will be supplied to Apptekz by the app client or may be provided by another source worked out between the client and Apptekz prior to development. Extensive artwork creation or modifications may result in additional costs to be determined during development discussions. Package pricing allows us to provide a transparent pricing schedule with no surprises. Prices include mobile app design, development, project management, consulting, training, ongoing support & maintenance as well as occasional changes and updates to keep up with business branding, platform support, online documentation changes, business marketing campaigns, as well as enhancements and bug fixes.

Some mobile app functionality may require 3rd party subscriptions that must be contracted separately through the desired or supported vendor providing the necessary 3rd party functionality. For example, Real Estate Professionals wishing to provide real-time MLS integration must provide API access to a compatible IDX integration provider such as IDX Broker or have mobile optimized IDX feed available on their website or other compatible source.

Apptekz pricing is designed to provide local businesses with affordable access to the same emerging technology as the national brands without the Fortune 500 price tag. Our new Progressive App technology is truly changing the way apps are delivered to market.

Apptekz will Publish your New Full Featured Progressive Mobile App in 2 weeks or less.

Please Note: (The following notes only apply to Apps Published in iTunes or Google Play, not our new Progressive Mobile Apps)

*Unlimited Free App updates include minor changes that do not require the app to be republished in the App Stores. Changes that require major changes or modifications to features, design or branding may be subject to a republishing fee. (Typical updates would not require a material change to apps such as menu and price changes or corrections, changes to promotions, modifying forms, etc.)

Apple and Google may require the republishing of apps that have undergone material changes such as adding, removing, or changing of features, layout and design or re-branding, or changes to support new platform features, etc.

Occasionally, Apple and or Google may require apps to to be updated by the developer (Apptekz) to accommodate mobile platform or version changes. These types of changes are typically handled at no cost to our mobile app customers with current maintenance subscriptions.  If such an update is required, we will give our customers advanced notice as this may be a good time to coordinate app enhancements to avoid additional publishing fees.

Apple and Google have recently made many changes to their respective developer programs to increase the quality of apps available for download through their stores.  These changes have resulted in a higher rejection rate and increased scrutiny of new apps and updates of existing apps. In order to ensure compliance with these new requirements, the development time and cost of submitting and publishing apps to the iTunes and Google Play App Stores has increased due to the changes to our design, build, and review processes to remain compliant with their new requirements.

Our current estimate is 4 to 6 weeks to design, build, & publish a new mobile app that will be published on any App Store, actual times may vary due to backlog, complexity, and factors outside our control.