Increase Customer Engagement

Mobile Apps for Business

Mobile Apps from Apptekz are designed to increase customer engagement that grows your business

  • Free Push Notification – send messages to all customers that have your app
    • SMS messaging plans cost $100 or more per month, you get this type of functionality for FREE
    • Better than SMS or email because it’s less intrusive
    • Send out daily, weekly, or monthly promotions
    • Target all mobile apps or use built-in targeting tools to reach those nearby
  • Free Advertising – nearly everyone today has a smartphone and they take it everywhere they go, providing you with free advertising to people most likely to respond to your offers
  • Videos – provide videos of your business, promotions, events, products, etc
  • Showcase your Products – provide your menu or list of products and services to give your customers the information they need to place an order
  • Shopping Cart – mobile apps extend the online shopping experience and allows your customers to place and pay for orders right from their tablet or phone
  • Location and hours of operation – customers can see your location and hours or even get driving directions
  • Contact Info – customers can call or email your business right from the app
  • Book Appointments & Reservations – customers can book an appointment, reservation or event directly from your app
  • Referrals – customers share your business or app with their friends
  • Social Media – integrate your social media feed or blog directly through the app

Keep your customers engaged with a customized mobile app from Apptekz

  • Communicate with your customers
  • Increase the number of visits from your customers
  • Get more customers
  • Build customer loyalty through engagement
  • Make doing business with your company easier for your customers

Reach new potential customers with your app

  • Promote your app through your website
  • Provide a link to an offer with your app on your website and other sites where your business appears
  • If you do other advertising, promote availability of offers to app users and give a link to the app.
  • Provide a QR Code on your door or window to get new customers that are just passing by.
    • QR code that links to app should be on all ads, business cards, flyers, menus, etc. to get the word out.
  • Encourage customers to share the app with friends
  • Ensure that special offers are given to those that download and use the app