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Customer Loyalty – Mobile Apps

September 29, 2015 loyalty m-commerce 0

Customer Loyalty

The simple truth is that every business wants to create a loyal customer base, but achieving customer loyalty can be a difficult process, especially in the wake of big box retailers, large chains, online superstores, and increased competition. Winning loyal repeat customers requires a winning strategy that leverages marketing, technology, and relationship building.

To better understand customer loyalty, we have to explore what drives customers to choose your business over another, what makes them repeat customers, and what motivates them want to recommend or refer your business to their family, friends, and colleagues.

It’s not about offering the best quality at the lowest price but offering the best value to the customer. That concept of value is very subjective and sometime elusive, the customer needs to feel that your business offers them intrinsic value beyond the simple transaction of buying your products & services or dining at your restaurant.

Customers like to be rewarded for loyalty. Yes, it’s true, customers like to get something extra for showing loyalty to a brand or business and will reward that brand or business with more frequent visits and referrals, resulting in more revenue.

You might ask, how do we achieve this additional loyalty? or how do we reward customers in a way that might drive better loyalty and repeat business? The answer– Customer Engagement

How can we better engage with customers? Advertising & Marketing? — Yes, but more than that, it has to be relevant.

While there are many ways to stay relevant to customers, providing them the ability to feel connected, provide feedback, interact with the business, write reviews, receive special offers and promotions are some of the ways that a mobile app can help your business build a more loyal customer base.