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Special Offer - $499 Complete Mobile App

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    Terms & Conditions

    You Get a Complete Mobile App and Food Ordering System for $499

    This is a One-Time Offer, designed to help restaurants and other essential small businesses, streamline and simplify processes, improve accuracy, and increase customer engagement during the COVID-19 crisis and beyond.

      • Special Offer includes Complete Mobile App Development and the first 3 months of hosting, maintenance, and support
      • Standard development fees of $1999 plus $99/mo for hosting are waived during this All-Inclusive Offer
      • Discounted monthly fees of only $59/mo through the end of 2020

    ** You Save Approximately $2500 **

    Get Started Today!

    Your Mobile App will Include

      • Complete Mobile Food Ordering System with Restaurant Management App for managing, accepting, or rejecting customer orders
        (No Sales Commissions, only normal credit card processing fees)
      • Business info and engagement features to drive and improve customer interactions including Business and Contact Info, Touch to Call, Social Wall, Contact Form, Booking, Coupons, and Customer Loyalty Program. (Push notifications will be available but may require some level of training to use effectively but don’t worry, we’ll send out messages for you upon request during the first 90 days)

    Additional Options

      • Have an Existing Website & Facebook Page? (Restaurants Only)
        • Add a Food Ordering Plug-in for a one-time setup fee of only $99
      • No Website? No Problem!
        • Add a Complete Food Ordering Website fully integrated into the mobile ordering system for just $19/mo additional + annual domain registration

    Not a Restaurant?  We have something for you too!

    We have Apps for almost every kind of small business and most are available at this special pricing during our one-time offer. Feature list will be slightly modified to meet the specific needs of each business vertical. (For example, food ordering won’t be in apps unrelated to food)

    To find out if your business qualifies for this special offer, just ask us in the message box above. (If you are open right now, you probably qualify)

    During the crisis, all apps are being published as Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) which are quicker and easier to deploy, always up to date, and do not require app store approval or delays. Apps can be published on the app stores at a later date, if desired, for a nominal fee. More information is available upon request.

    As we return to normalcy, or whenever you’re ready, we’ll provide you with training to help you and your team make the most of the promotional and engagement features of your branded app to get more app downloads and drive more business transactions at no additional cost. 

    This special offer is open to as many businesses as we can help or until we reach our maximum workload. Our streamlined process and essential business focus will allow us to deliver results as quickly as possible.

    Restaurant Apps with Food Ordering will be built as quickly as possible with a target of one week or less to go live on a first in first out basis.

    If you are ready to move forward, don’t delay, take advantage of this one-time special offer before it goes away!